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have a platform for all your participatory experiments To be called back

An application to share your knowledge

Unlimited exchange groups

Facilitate discussions around your work themes

Collaborative management

Set publishing rights on your farm’s news feed

Capitalize on knowledge

Easily find all the information

Unlimited exchange groups

Facilitate discussions around your work themes

Collaborative management

Set publishing rights on your farm’s news feed

Capitalize on knowledge

Easily find all the information

Quick start up


Start in 5 minutes

Entry into the application simplified and validated by our groups of test farmers

A known interface

Our interface is based on the usual standards that farmers and advisors are familiar with

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Landfiles supports you in the collection and analysis of your data

Contact us to benefit from a tailor-made support.

Group networks

Let’s set up your group network together to automatically create your custom forum system.

Help with data entry

Our unique system allows you to have screens totally adapted to your themes, to simplify the work.

Excel Extractions

Your extractions are sent on demand, or sent at regular intervals. This allows you to manipulate the group data yourself.

Graphical summaries

Set up graphical summaries and maps of your data, sent at regular intervals.

Collect and share all your data with only one tool


Create your group networks and work themes


Configure input help screens very easily


Automate Exel extractions, email returns or feeds on your publications

3 levels of sharing adapted to all network sizes

Landfiles is aimed at small and large networks, whether you are a group of farmers, an advisory structure, a plant health observatory or a cooperative.

Private space for a farm

Private farm groups

Multi-group networks

01. Your group networks

Landfiles allows you to create your group networks, which no social network allows today, and configure these networks in an extremely flexible way.


Thematic networks

Network groups that are similar: by technical theme, by system, for your internal innovation…

A work tool for your structure

Configure a group network for your internal exchanges: innovation tracking, experiments, documentary monitoring, etc.


The search is carried out on your entire network

For a member of the group network, the research is carried out on all the groups in the network

Create your own community

Create your community and capitalize on a knowledge base that grows richer every day


Publication threads in the name of your structure

Create publication feeds in the name of your structure. Your technicians post on this advertising feed in a collaborative way. A new member can easily take over, and the data in this publication feed remains your property even if an employee leaves.

A knowledge base for new employees

Each member who joins a group has access to the history, so he can see the past exchanges and loses nothing. He can enjoy the power of history on the farm and on the plot

02. Data collection

Landfiles allows you to collect any type of data and replace Excel for field actors.

Configuration by group

For each group, define the data structure to be collected: Wheat Health, Direct Seeding, Vine Health….. the choices are endless.

Automatically updated screens

Landfiles screens adapt to the defined data structure. Keep it simple and user-friendly, only the data to be collected is presented to the user.

Several types of configurable data

Each data is defined according to a type: Choice list, Number or Text. Example of a list of choices: Sowing mode (direct sowing, sowing with surface work, coulter sowing……)

03. Schedule returns

Receive Excel exports of your group’s data, distribute restitutions such as pest maps, or other data analyses.

Excel Outputs

You can receive the data posted on your group by email, simply, at a defined frequency.


For each geolocated data, receive a dynamic map that allows you to navigate among the group’s readings. This mapping can be sent regularly to group members.

A configurable broadcasting mode

Broadcasts can be sent by email, MMS, or broadcast on your Landfiles news channel.

Download the application


The Landfiles offer is adapted to the agricultural world

History on the farm, on the plot, on the trial
Thematic working groups; the user who joins the group has access to the history
Some data may remain completely private
Networking of groups of the same theme
Advertising-free, simple and intuitive
Ownership of nominative and anonymised agricultural data
Collection of data specific to the agricultural environment
and syntheses distributed to groups

Download the application


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