In the current context, agricultural innovation comes mainly from the field. It could even be described as « rising », unlike a so-called « top-down » innovation as it was seen in the 1950s and 1960s. In the face of this evolution, advisors, regardless of their agricultural affiliation, are no longer « advisers », but increasingly facilitators of farmer-to-farmer networks and information disseminators. Their profession has evolved. Their expertise alone is no longer sufficient, hence the importance of IT tools to support this evolution.

Lead a network of experts

« We must coach and support farms, » says Nicolas Minary, founder of Landfiles. Trust the collective intelligence of each structure to come out from above. To do this, it is necessary to generate dialogue, to animate, to circulate information. Managers and directors of advisory bodies must use the same tools as managers in other sectors of the economy! ». It is from this observation and this conviction that Landfiles was born. The application is therefore used to lead groups at all organizational levels, from farmer to advisor, from advisor to department head, etc. « We must propose innovative solutions that very quickly improve the profitability of farms, » says Nicolas Minary. I compare this to the need for any company to renew itself in order to maintain a strong capacity for innovation and to remain competitive in a globalized and highly competitive environment. »

Infuse and disseminate information

For farmers, Landfiles allows daily dialogue, network animation, information gathering and feedback from advisors. For the latter, dashboards generated, on request, by Landfiles are a source of additional technical information and especially of exchanges, for example during a weekly meeting. These exchanges can very well be led by a third party who, depending on the theme, will support the advisors on the feedback to be given to farmers, the setting up of working groups, etc… The dashboards can also be used by members of the management services to understand the issues in the field and the responses to be provided by the consulting organisation.

Landfiles is intended as a tool for real-time interaction with the entire advisory structure and farmers.