How to start a group ? 


1/ Create your group

First of all, create your group. You will find the procedure in the tutorial : How to create a group ?


2/ Post a greeting to welcome your users

As a consultant / facilitator, you have a fictitious farm created in your name. We advise you to rename this farm with the name of your structure, your service or an experimentation site to broadcast your news or to follow up on plots.

To welcome your users, publish a photo or a visual, and a greeting. Watch our tutorial to add a post : How to add a post with a form ?

Invite your colleagues to your farm so that they can accompany you in leading your group and contribute to the recording of observations

(see the tutorial :  How to invite new users to your farm ? ).

Note : If you have created a farm by mistake, here is the procedure to leave it (coming soon).


3/ Optional: Create your own group farms

It is possible to create farms yourself (via the mobile app only) to be able to publish under each of them, during your visits to the plots. This feature is very appreciated by technical advisors, it allows to capitalize in the same place the observations made by the advisor as the farmer.
Find the handling in the tutorial : How to create a new farm ?
Lors de la dernière étape de création de la ferme, pensez bien à ajouter chaque ferme à votre groupe. ceci vous permettra de simplifier la procédure d’invitation (voir plus bas)

Note if you don’t do this step : Farms will be automatically created by Landfiles when each user’s account is created. Farmers will be able to invite you to their farm (see the tutorial :  How to invite new users to your farm ? )
If you are in this situation, and need help to be empowered on your group’s farms, contact us.

4/ Optional: Create the plots and start your tracking to bring more content

It can be interesting to initiate your follow-ups on the farms created, in order to bring a little more content to the future members of your group.

Present 1 to 3 plots over several months, tracing the history of the crops.

5/ Inform farmers of your choice to use Landfiles

Prepare an email communication to the farmers, explaining your choice to use Landfiles to structure the group’s exchanges.


6/ Invite farmers on Landfiles

Immediately after making the communication (point 5/), invite the farmers on Landfiles, so they can access your group.

CASE 1: You have created the farms and attached the farms to the group
In this case, invite each farmer on his farm with the role “Administrator”. The farm being attached to the group, each farmer will also be invited (automatically) to the group, and will receive the role “Guest”.
Find the handling on : How to invite new users to your farm ?

CASE n°2 : You have not created the farms
In this case, invite the farmers to the group directly, with the role “Guest”. Find the handling on : How to access the group address book or add new members ?


7/ Organize a Landfiles demo

Contact us to make a free demo of Landfiles to your group of farmers, during a 45 minutes visio. Please let us know 2 weeks in advance, and we will conduct a demonstration of existing groups with you to show the dynamics that our tool allows to create and maintain.


8/ Present Landfiles during a face-to-face meeting

Contact us if you wish to present Landfiles during a meeting, we will send you the presentation materials.


9/ Schedule training for your facilitators

We recommend that all group leaders take the 2-hour training we offer via video. This training allows you to master the Landfiles application and to learn how to install a dynamic of sharing within your group, and to maintain it over time.

This training can be done even before the launch of the group, contact us to schedule it.


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